Reina Cordero Maternity Shoot


UC Berkeley PCN 2014: Embark Highlights

This was one of the best Filipino Culture Nights that was ever shown at Berkeley.  It had comedy, drama, dancing and singing! The case was amazing and the show was one that everyone should see.  Here are the highlights, you can order the full DVD from the producers of the show.  Just message me if you want to order the dvd!

Sergio & Jamie Engagement

My good friend called me all the way from Oxnard, Ca asking if I can help him with the editing of his very first video he shot on his own. Putting all his knowledge he learned to use, this is the results of his very first video. Events like these are always puts tears in peoples eyes.

Shot by: Marc Mory
Edited by: Jeffrey Avila

Al + Sheena Gali

As I think back about these two lovely people, I noticed that Al, I have known in my early childhood days from when I was a lot younger. Sheena is a person that I have met many MANY years after. I still can’t believe that I had the honor of capturing the wedding of these two people who many people would say, opposite attracts. But I say, these two are completely from different worlds, but they create something that is truly beautiful.